Improving healthcare, one hospital at a time.

Backed by data-driven solutions to identify, quantify, and implement improvements in the clinical revenue cycle.

Hospital reimbursement is a complex process. Our team of experts work to ensure you are fairly reimbursed for the care you provide, and that creates a more sustainable and compliant healthcare system for everyone

Baseline Assessment & Benchmarking

Evaluate compliance risks and healthcare revenue integrity relative to OIG/CMS guidelines or evaluate performance across payers.


Identify Opportunities

Identify specific sources of compliance risk or revenue opportunities across payers that can be addressed.

Refine  Processes


Revamp operational processes to close gaps and benefit from identified opportunities. 

Education & Training

Ensure hospital teams and attending physicians understand new processes and get it right up front.

Ongoing Monitoring & Audit

Continuously monitor performance toward goals and identify other areas of opportunity.




Revenue Integrity


The result? A program that uses your resources efficiently, enhances Medicare compliance, and ensures that you receive the revenue that you are owed.

Our Approach

We start with a custom strategy designed for your hospital or hospital system, identifying where and how to add revenue to your bottom line.

By executing this strategy everyday with 200+ hospitals, we have revolutionized the clinical revenue cycle.

We Are Here to Help.

$2 Billion

Compliantly recovered revenue since 2016

Average time to see results


Client Rentention Rate

Let’s do this, together

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