Hospitals are healthier when they’re proactive.

Shifting payer tactics. Stringent compliance requirements. And the potential to miss revenue every step of the way. These are the challenges hospitals face.

Capturing every opportunity begins with leveling the playing field. Versalus Health is your partner, your advocate, and an extension of your team where we help to ensure you realize the revenue you are entitled to for the important care you provide.

Leveraging key insights from data analysis

With your operational goals and our market insight and experience, we create your custom strategic plan.  This effort is led by your Strategic Advisor, who taps into our in-house expertise across multiple healthcare disciplines. Your Strategic Advisor works side-by-side with you as an extension of your internal team to put your plan into action.

Most importantly, your strategic plan is never static. Whatever changes lie ahead, Versalus Health helps you navigate those changes. Your partnership with us means you realize revenue in the now, while safeguarding and planning for threats and opportunities in the future.

No matter how things change, we have you covered.

Identify Opportunity

Algorithmic screening to identify cases with suspected compliance risk or revenue opportunity

Strategic Plan

Create roadmap for seizing the opportunities uncovered in the assessment / monitoring. Strategic Advisors work closely with Versalus Health experts in Clinical, Regulatory, and Operations teams

Case Reviews

Versalus Health experts conduct comprehensive reviews to identify root causes of compliance or revenue opportunity (CDI & UM)

Education Opportunities

Identify trends across opportunity areas for targeted education; leverage reviews to replace external annual audit

Targeted Education

Topic or case driven education from subject matter experts utilizing client case examples to address root-case issues and drive program improvement

Metrics Review

Review Utilization Management & Transparency Documentation® metrics to quantify impact of program improvement vs. hospital benchmarks

Monitor Performance

Continual monitoring, strategy development, and program management

Solutions from Corro Clinical



Learn how Versalus Health’s innovative appeal solutions can drive increased revenue for your hospital.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Leveraging Key Insights From Data Analysis   Data is full of potential, but on its own, it's just numbers. With the right partner, these...

Physician Advisors

Physician Advisors

Today’s hospitals and health systems require physician clinical expertise tied to in-depth knowledge of documentation best practices, length of stay management, quality, contracting, billing, and compliance, among other disciplines. Hospitals and health systems have invested significantly in building internal Physician Advisor teams to address these needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a complex issue for many healthcare facilities, especially as new, updated regulations supersede old ones. Hospitals and health systems may find it challenging to stay up to date with regulatory changes impacting Utilization Management (UM) and the clinical revenue cycle and determine the implications of these regulatory changes on the organization’s processes. Fortunately, Versalus Health can assist your organization with keeping up to date with regulatory changes. We keep our finger on the pulse of regulatory oversight, helping facilities understand the newest regulations, their implications for the Clinical Revenue Cycle , and the latest trends in audits

Utilization Management

Utilization Management

Hospital utilization management teams ensure patients get the proper care and services they need in compliance with regulations and payer contracts...

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