Savvy Sequencing Using the “Two or More” Guideline


You’re confident your team is doing it all it can to ensure appropriate reimbursement. You perform CDI reviews, diligently review mismatches, perform coding quality assurance reviews, and utilize prebill DRG optimization applications, but are you certain that your team uncovered all the revenue optimization opportunities? Join this session to learn more, ask questions, and engage with Angela Carmichael.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Savvy sequencing opportunities that are often missed by traditional CDI/Coding/QA programs
  2. High volume and high value sequencing opportunities and how to defend them!
  3. High value “diamonds in the rough” sequencing opportunities and how to find them.
  4. High volume sequencing errors and how to put an end to them.

Workshop Information:

Wednesday, July 20th

1:00 pm EST

Duration:  60 minutes


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