Jay Ahlmer Named President of Versalus Health

Newtown Square, PA (November 15, 2022)— Versalus Health has named Jay Ahlmer as the organization’s new President. Ahlmer will lead the company’s vision and strategic objectives by ensuring Versalus Health continues to build impactful and strategic partnerships with health systems and hospital clients throughout the country.

Ahlmer previously served as the Senior Vice President for Strategic Accounts at Versalus Health. With his expertise in data analytics, finance, process optimization, strategy, and hospital management, he led the Strategic Advisement team to improve operational and financial performance.

Data science in healthcare often compartmentalizes into silos, which can hinder data sharing and cause revenue leakage due to a lack of coordination. This can be fixed with Versalus Health’s programmatic, data-driven approach that meets the specific needs of providers. “Versalus Health has developed a unique and comprehensive construct to empower our clients with the necessary but often missing pieces to manage their Clinical Revenue Cycle” said Dr. Rob Corrato, Versalus Health Co-founder. “Our Clinical leadership is at the hub of a service suite that incorporates data analytics, a team of healthcare experts, and a strategic programmatic approach”. Before joining Versalus Health, Ahlmer held advanced leadership positions with TripleTree and Executive Health Resources, where he led business development initiatives, including the development of partnerships with key healthcare organizations. Ahlmer brings this experience to Versalus Health and will support Versalus’ growth strategy by expanding the ability of healthcare systems to support their revenue cycle, clinical operations, and financial health.

“We’re looking at the data and we’re paying attention to what’s happening in the industry,” said Ahlmer. “We’re paying attention to regulatory changes and what the payers are doing. We will make sure our clients are well equipped to be reimbursed for the care they provide.”

With Ahlmer in the role of President, Versalus Health will continue to leverage its team of data and analytics, clinical, regulatory, and finance experts to break down silos and enhance the financial health of its hospital partners.

“It is imperative that hospitals continue holding payers accountable to reimburse for the care that’s being provided. To accomplish this, hospitals must have a firm grasp on their data and deploy a thoughtful, effective payment integrity strategy,” he said. “To make that a reality requires leveraging national data, benchmarking data, and regional data as well. The unrelenting pursuit of accountability from payers is our goal and our challenge so that our partner hospitals are receiving fair payment for the good care they’re providing.”

About Versalus Health

Versalus Health is an industry-leading healthcare analytics solution for Utilization Management, Documentation and Coding, and Physician Advisory services. Since 2016, Versalus Health has helped more than 200 U.S.-based hospitals and health systems compliantly recover $2 billion in revenue. Versalus Health aims to fix the “blind spot” of the clinical revenue cycle, where clinical requirements often clash with regulatory and billing constraints. By optimizing utilization management and documentation and coding with complex data analytics and clinical insight, Versalus Health works to improve hospitals and health systems. For more information, visit versalushealth.com.

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