NAHRI | 2019 Revenue Integrity Symposium (RIS)

When: October 15 Р16, 2019 

Where: Renaissance Sea World, Orlando, FL

Speaking: Dr. Joseph Zebrowitz and Jay Ahlmer

Session 9: Leveling the Field: An Analytic Approach to Creating Individual Payer Strategies 

Traditionally, revenue cycle and utilization review (UR) are siloed from each other. The disconnect between these functions offers payers an enormous opportunity to reduce payments. Join this session to understand the impact of UR on the revenue cycle and to learn how Medicare Advantage and commercial payers have created strategies that leverage UR and coding metrics to undermine hospital revenue. Dr. Zebrowitz and Mr. Ahlmer will demonstrate how to create a unified set of financial performance goals for both revenue cycle and UR to achieve and how to use an approach similar to payers based on revenue and cost drivers. After participating in this session, you will have the skills to bridge the divide between revenue cycle and UR and take the lead in driving meaningful, measurable change.

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