Jerilyn P. Morrissey, MD

Test Your Knowledge – October 2022

71-year-old female with a past medical history significant for HTN, pulmonary sarcoidosis, multiple back surgeries and loss of bladder function requiring self-catheterization presented to ED complaining of palpitations and associated urinary frequency.

Nuances Around the 2-Midnight Rule

Have you ever wondered what you need to document to support an unexpected recovery?  Or when is a Condition Code 44 the best choice?  Can you write and inpatient order after a discharge order? PRESENTED BY Dr. Jerilyn Morrissey Senior Vice President, Clinical and...

Fighting the Rising tide of Claim Denials: A Physician Speaks Out (from RACmonior)

Listen to Monitor Monday for November 29, 2021. Dr. Jerilyn P. Morrissey has the lead story for this episode of Monitor Monday on how Medicare Advantage plans appear to be bulling providers denying claims and fabricating rules for denials. Dr. Morrissey’s section starts on minute 24:50. Look for the episode titled: Resisting Medicare Advantage Bullies.

Bulletin 15 – What you need to know about the OIG April 2022 Report

Versalus Health Comments on the April 2022, Office of Inspector General Report on “Some Medicare Advantage Organization Denials of Prior Authorization Requests Raise Concerns About Beneficiary Access to Medically Necessary Care” Summary: The Center for Medicare and...

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Medicare Advantage Organizations and the Games They Play

Medicare Advantage Organizations and the Games They Play

Physician Advisors sit at the intersection of clinical decisions, regulatory requirements, managed care contracts and reimbursement. Impacting operational and financial performance requires analytics and tools beyond managing the observation and denial rates. This workshop will help you understand the right analytics to measure to comprehensively assess and impact operational and Medicare Advantage Organization performance.

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